I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in working directly with people's desires and strengths, and deepen their understanding of their drives and mental-emotional links. Knowing ourselves gives us the greatest control over our own lives and therefore the greatest chance of happiness and health. I have acquired a deep understanding of how mental health, trauma and emotional distress affect people's lives and what may help them release some of the anguish and feeling of being stuck and helpless with this. As a Coach, Counsellor, EMDR, Trauma Therapist, Reiki Master, and Feng Shui Practitioner I have had the privilege of being able to specialise in helping rebuild lives that have been shattered or disrupted by emotional trauma (whether recent or in childhood), distress and illness. With over 20 years of experience of helping people overcome their difficulties in one-to-one therapy for private clients, residential care, supported housing, I have developed the skills, compassion, and mentality necessary to be able to safely and effectively respond to the challenges that addiction, phobias, depression, stress and severe anxiety presents. My training in EMDR, and Trauma Therapy, and knowledge of neuroscience, physiology, quantum physics and eastern techniques such as meditation, allows me to integrate work with the body, mind and emotions to help healing and promote personal development.

I believe that we all have the ability to develop our inner and outer worlds and grow towards attaining the lives that we truly desire. I use coaching techniques to help uncover goals and determine each individuals' own path towards them.

I can help you assess what is needed in your situation and develop a therapeutic route through your difficulties. I am able to offer the powerful technique of EMDR integrated with counselling to help alleviate trauma and destructive thoughts, memories and beliefs. I work in a supportive and client-led manner so that you feel in control of your own process, whilst guiding you gently through the process of self-awareness. 

PGDip. Integrated Counselling & Coaching. BSc(Hons).Biology/Physiology. Dip. Trauma Therapy. EMDR Therapist. Reiki Master.  Feng Shui Practitioner 


Other Therapists I work in collaboration with: 

Francis Lickerish is well-known and well-regarded in the treatment industry and respected for his depth of knowledge, understanding, experience and humanity. He is also well-known as a composer and guitarist, skills that allow him to see beneath the surface of things and work in an organic and all encompassing way. Francis will offer you compassionate and understanding counselling and help you work through the best options for you to move your life forwards. Having excellent knowledge and reputations with treatment centres and consultants around the world he is also able to assess you and refer you onto the most appropriate treatment centre for you when appropriate.

He works world-wide and provides interventions and case management services.


I also work closely with other experienced, qualified and highly-regarded professionals such as Nutritionists, children's, teenage counselling & couples Counsellors,  Psychiatrists, Treatment Centre Clinicians and Psychologists, and refer on where helpful. This creates an integrated and encompassing support network for my clients. 


I originally went to see Helen after being involved in a terrible car crash, I have to drive all the time for work and had lost my confidence.

In just two sessions Helen had helped me understand my fears and turn them around into positive feelings, and now I firmly believe my driving skills saved my life that day. My driving confidence has returned.

I then had a change of circumstance which I was struggling to deal with. I gave Helen a shout and booked another session. I was dealing with a situation I had no control over and found this extremely upsetting and increasingly unmanageable.

Helen listened and we are working it all out together. I’ve developed coping mechanisms and strategies to help me keep things on an even keel.

EMDR is truly fascinating, it can be quite hard going but the results are very quick. Well they were for me. Helen is extremely astute, I felt straight away I could trust her and nothing felt silly to talk about. We also have a bit of laugh which makes me feel relaxed and more comfortable.

I cannot recommend Helen or EMDR highly enough. Not quite sure where I would be if id not taken the step to get some help.

Operations Manager (Somerset, Devon & Cornwall)