Addiction Services

Help available

You may be seeking help for yourself or a loved one and we can help. We provide specialist addiction services to people suffering from all types of addiction, alcohol, drugs, gaming, gambling, eating disorders, shopping, sex, food, e.t.c..

We can provide discreet one-to-one counselling, EMDR therapy and, if required, assess and refer on to treatments centres within the UK and around the world. We are able to access the most suitable place for the right level of help, and case-manage the person seeking help throughout their whole recovery- not just whilst having counselling or in a treatment centre. Recovery can be a long-term process and it helps to have someone there at the end of the phone to guide and advise longer-term if necessary. See for further details.

Family Support

Family and friends are all too often the unseen victims of addiction. By a subtle and sinister process the pathology will seem to take on a life of its own and manoeuvre itself into the centre of the family or the social system. It will become the organising principle of the family. Every decision will seem to be made in the light of the addiction.

We will work with your family to help you reclaim your life from the grip of another's addiction. We will help you regain your lost self and with it some sense of peace of mind and direction. we also run family workshops that help you to understand what is happening within your family and learn how to manage the situation and make positive changes for all concerned.


We provide interventions as an aid to helping the addicted person understand and take-up the help that can be arranged for them; this is usually a detox programme and/or treatment facility. Visit for more details.