How do we make change happen?

Do you ever feel that you are going over the same old ground? Or wake up and drag yourself out of bed to repeat the same old patterns?
Many of us do and neuro-science and quantum physics together help to shed some very interesting light on why this happens- and more importantly, what we can do about it.

We are energetic beings and have magnetic and electromagnetic fields within and around us. This is OUR energy. Quantum phsyics informs us that when we place our attention on something there is a change from a wave form to a particle. The wave is part of the unified field of all possibilities, whereas when it switches to a particle it is no longer connected to all possibilities and becomes material matter. So at the very moment we place our thoughts on something it changes it from being linked to all possibilities to becoming a material limited "thing".

Hold that thought and let's look at stress for a moment.
Short term stress (such as running away from immediate danger) is normal and we have physiological systems in place to deal with them by pumping out stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin. When we focus on our problems and difficulties (let's say we don't like our job for example) and we spend ages feeling resentful, miserable, and hopeless about it, we are using up a lot of our energy as it is drawn towards the same difficult scenario. We place our bodies under continual stress and continually use up our energy focusing on it - we can become Addicted to the hormonal rush and emotions that we experience when we focus on these negative thoughts. We then re-create the thoughts of the same old negative scenario just to feel what we are used to feeling. What is happening in quantum terms is that we are reducing all the possibilities of (in this case) new work scenarios into particle (material) form and preventing new possibilities from coming in effortlessly. Our bodies are no longer in optimum states, bathed in wave form of energy, but solidified, if you like, in particle forms and they create particles of stress hormones that float around the body affecting the heart and brain functioning.

Neuro science shows that when people are busy having negative thoughts and emotions the two halves of the neo-cortex are not fully communicating with each other, and understanding and thought processes are limited, and also the heart is not functioning in a harmonous way. By placing negative attention on things we prevent other possibilites from happening. You are drawing on all your resources (energy) to keep this heavy material bodily system going. Stress and staganation is the result.
Whilst it is, of course, possible to still acheive your goals, it is very hard work as you are dealing with the world of matter, in which you have to physically work to get from A to B , rather than using the quantum and harmonious world of waves and infinite possibility. This world will bring the opportunities into you, as you are connected to them.

So what do we have to do to bring about the changes we want?
The world of wave particles unites all time and space and possibilities, and we "find" it in the Now moment.
Remember that wherever you focus/attention is (ie. your energy) that is where matter goes to- so to dip into the world of now-right this second, (not the past unhappy scenarios or the future imagined unhappy scenario), but Now, we need to take our attention off these things.
Take your mind off your body (with its aches and pains) , take your mind off people who you feel unpleasant thoughts about, take your mind off things (objects. places, phones computers, etc) and take your mind off time. You end up in a world of nobody, nothing, nowhere, and no time. This is the space which dips into the quantum world of everything. In this space you are joined with everything and all possibilites. The best way to find this is through meditation and there are endless fantastic You Tube vidoes to help guide you through this. Wayne Dyer has some great ones.

In the silence and stillness of this mind state you can access new information, new states of being and even new states of health. All futures meet in this point. As we access this state, scans show how the neocortex fires up and the heart suddenly changes its rhythm. People report feeling intense and overwhelming love and a sense of well-being. Their thinking changes and they can become party to new ideas. The body's magnetic field changes.

So to sum up: be aware of what you spend your time and energy thinking about, as you are putting whatever that is into the material world. Think on the wonderful aspects of life you want- feel the positive emotions, as these are strongly charged, and you are then working on turning these thought forms and concepts into the material world too.
Meditate regulary to keep yourself in touch with the quantum wave field of limitless possibilities, and your energetic field (and therefore body and mind) healthy.

I am only regurgitating what some of our current great doctors and scientists have already spoken about with far greater clarity, Dr Jo Dipsenza, amounst others, has spent years experimenting on the how the mind, body and people's whole lives change when they change their thinking and mental processes, through meditiation and other methods, to access different states of being. If you look up some of his videos this may all make much better sense to you. There are many scientists who have found the same results, and in truth, our wise ones have been aware of this knowledge for thousands of year. But its nice to have it re-affirmed and explained in scientific terms too.