To Do , or not to Do?

The world seems to get busier and faster day by day, and for many of us it also seems that our "To Do" list gets longer rather than shorter. This is especially the case with the increasing number of ways in which we can reach each other, get and share information, and market ourselves via on-line media. Some people take to this like a duck to water, whilst others find it hard work trying to get to grips with the latest media platform. Feeling overwhelmed with these sort of difficulties can increase feelings of overwhelm, distress, hopeless, despair and low self-esteem. But there is a way through.

A question I get asked regularly is, "should I use Twitter/Instagram/ LinkedIn, etc. etc. when I am already frayed at the edges trying to keep up with my daily tasks? I don't know which one works best, or even if it is worth my time doing any of them- I get such conflicting advice and information."

This is a very useful and important question: Where should you be putting your time and energy? Confusion and indecision is time and energy-consuming and keeps us stuck in the same place. Taking the time out to contemplate the situation with a clear and open mind is the first step to finding the way that will work for your own particular set of circumstances and goals. You aren't trying to fulfill someone else's goals and ideas, you want to attain your own. If you don't know specifically what you want to achieve, it's very difficult to know the best way of going about it. If you take the time to explore precisely what you want, e.g.. "for people to know how useful my products could be for them", or "to get 100 people to the special promotional event next week, where I can then ask them for their email addresses in return for inclusion into a prize draw," it is much easier to work out how to achieve that.

I am not a marketing specialist, and to be honest, probably never will be, and nor do I want to be; I am doing what I love which is interacting with people face-to face on a very personal level to help them find their own way to success. However, I still need to use these methods in tandem with personal interactions, and so also have to face these challenges. I know that finding a clear path and keeping my focus is imperative. When I loose my direction and get distracted onto other things I didn't set out to be doing, I loose the power, control and energy that I previously had, things slip further out of my grasp and, frustratingly, sit on my "to Do" list, rather than being crossed off as completed.
So, if you don't know the best strategy for your marketing, and it's not your strong point, it might be worth your time to find someone you trust who does know. Ask people if they could recommend anyone who could help you, and if that really fails, (which is very unlikely once you put your mind to it), then search out a few good unbiased articles and sit down with a realiable business -minded friend and thrash it out with them. Get a clear and solid strategy that feels right for you, (you need to believe in it, commit to it believe it is attainable and sustainable fo you), and keep your focus. You may well loose it from time to time, but that is okay and normal, don't beat yourself up about it, just re-commit and carry on. It takes steadfastness to become successful and that is something you can do.