Therapuetic Coaching

Do you want to get to a better place in your life?

If so, but you're not quite sure how to achieve your goals, or even quite what they are, you may want some help.

What is the difference between Therapuetic coaching and Coaching?

Coaching will help you look at what you want to achieve, set your goals and then focus on strategies to achieve them. This may be purely related to your business or it may be about other life amibitions.

Therapuetic coaching does the same thing, but with an added extra element: What I have discovered is that often we have clear goals and develop pathways and systems to help get us there, but still find we don't quite achieve what we set out to. This is because we are complex beings who are driven by a host of different beliefs, attitudes, desires and visions. Sometimes our ambitions don't take into account our more hidden drives, and we may need to overcome personal challenges before we can fully realise our outer goals. This is where Therapuetic coaching has the edge: When unexpected stumbling blocks arise in a plan, we can unearth why they have arisen and find ways to turn them into stepping stones.

How can Therapuetic Coaching help me?

I will help you find out what it is that you really want: all too often we think we know what we want yet once we've achieved it somehow it isn't quite as life- fulfilling as we thought it would be. 

You will work with me in a collaborative, predominantly future-focussed process, that will not ignore difficulties. As an experienced therapist I do not need to ignore what it is that makes you who you are, but help you turn it to your advantage. If you think it would benefit you to take a bit if time to look at what is stopping you forge ahead then we can do that. Then we can check that you are back on track and work together to determine what steps you need to take next . I will support you all the way through. 

Life has a habit of changing around us, and as a business professional you will need to repsond to this to remain at the top of your game. If you decide you want to adjust your goals half-way through, or add to them we will work that into the process.

We will work in a time-limited way, with clear aims and guidelines that leave you in control at all times. If you don't know where you want to get to how will you know you have arrived?

If you would like to discuss anything about either coaching or Therapuetic coaching with me please get in touch- with no obligation.