We run regular Residential Intensive Trauma-Reduction Workshops.

These are a unique opportunity to experience a life-changing process that will help you explore and alter your self-perceptions. It will enable you to see your emotional trauma in a new way, to discover new ways of understanding yourself and the relationships that you have with others, and provide a fresh and liberating viewpoint of how your emotional pain has kept you trapped repeating the same old patterns. You will be gently led through an in-depth process which will challenge parts of your belief-systems, whilst emotionally held by three extremely qualified and experienced therapist who will be caring for you and supporting you at every stage. The group around you will also help you feel safe and valued, as each of you goes through their individual yet shared experiences. 

The next workshop is being held on:

Due to the current circumstances the date is yet to be confirmed .

at the Elvetham Hotel, Fleet Rd, Hartley Wintney, Hook RG27 8AS.

Costs: All costs include all therapeutic fees, 3 nights accommodation, food and refreshments.

Single room: £2000.00

Early Bird (booked and paid in full before ..)

Single room: £1850.00


I had felt nervous a few days prior to going to the workshop. There was, looking back, no need to be fearful as when I arrived I was met with so much love and smiles from Chris, Francis and Helen.

Being supported and guided through our individual process by Francis and Chris, allowed me to get in touch with what was going on and the trust I felt with them made it such an incredible experience, however painful it was. Both Chris and Francis are not only both so experienced, but are so supportive and they both held me throughout. They made me feel that they were going to be by my side throughout (also in the future) which made me feel special, and not just like another client they were working with. 

Having the opportunity to do Reiki and EMDR with Helen was a treat. Helen’s energy is so powerful and I could get in touch with my body during the Reiki. It was also a lovely break from the process work to have an hour with Helen on my own. She explained the process of Reiki to me and I could let go and allow my body to detox all that it needed to, whilst feeling safe.

The fire walk turned out to be a life changing experience. Some of the things we did on the evening of the fire walk were things that I never imagined possible, yet once I let go, I was so surprised and it taught me a lot about what is possible once I set my mind to it.

Overall, the 4 days had such a huge impact on me and I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint one thing that made it so special as it was the whole combination. I have made friendships with my group that are so real and special – more real than my relationship with people I have known for a very long time. The power of being in a group has helped me to grow and has opened my eyes to the fact I am not alone in my struggles. I recommend this highly to anyone who feels they are trapped by their past and previous experiences. It helped me gain a better understanding of why I keep behaving in certain ways and why I find it so difficult to sway away from the usual patterns I find myself in.

I am so grateful and feel so blessed I had this opportunity and it is something I will most certainly do again in the future.

TF London